The Best Fall Lip Trends and Dupes

Every fall season a new wave of awesome fills my local Walgreens and MAC counter, and by that I mean the new releases of vampy, beautiful fall lipsticks. Out of every makeup product, lipstick is hands down my favorite. I believe there’s a magic in those tubes that makes me feel like I can conquer the day. This fall I’ve picked four lipstick trends, with some affordable finds, that took over the runways and will make you feel like you can take over the world, or school or your office tasks. Because who doesn’t love a lipstick compliment to get you through the day?

1. The Romantic Rose Lip

Photo taken by me  Lips: Touch of Spice Maybelline Soft Mattes
Photo taken by me
Lips: Touch of Spice Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipcolor

Rose colored lips bring some life into your face, unlike a straight nude lip, especially for those radioactive pale girls like myself. These lipsticks have a slight pinky or sometimes brown undertone that gives your lips a romantic flush. These are what many beauty bloggers call a “your lips but better” shade. The three shades I found will become your effortless school staple, Maybelline’s Touch of Spice from their Creamy Mattes collection, Revlon’s Matte Balm in Sultry and Bite Beauty’s Pepper, which I believe to be my holy grail rose-colored lip.

Photo taken by me Bite Pepper, Revlon Sultry, Maybelline Touch of Spice
Photo taken by me
Lipsticks- Bite-Pepper, Revlon-Sultry, Maybelline-Touch of Spice

2. The Pinkberry Lip

Photo taken by me Lipstick MAC Rebel
Photo taken by me
Lips: MAC Rebel

 MAC’s Rebel lipstick is the perfect fall lip color. I swear I think I dream about this color, along with emerald-green nails and chunky sweaters, this pinky-purpley lipstick is my staple every fall. If you are just venturing into berry lips I suggest trying this shade as it is not as intense as a deep burgundy plum lipstick (don’t worry I love those too and have my picks below!). But at $17 I can understand if you would rather buy your Friday night round of drinks instead of a costly lipstick. But not to worry, in my lipstick obsessed haze I’ve found some great dupes like NYX’s Aria, which I believe is an almost exact dupe for Rebel, and it has the same name as one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters! Also, Milani’s Sangria and Black Cherry are a great find at only $4.79 a piece

Photo taken by me  Lipsticks-Black Cherry Milani, Prague NYX, Aria NYX, Rebel MAC
Photo taken by me
Lipsticks-Black Cherry Milani, Prague NYX, Aria NYX, Rebel MAC

3. The Diva Deep Lip 

Photo Taken by me Lips: Divne Wine Maybelline Soft Mattes
Photo taken by me
Lips: Divine Wine Maybelline Soft Mattes

A burgundy lip is the dark side twist to a classic red. Red lips are amazing, but to me a deep plum-burgundy color lip screams vampiress, and who doesn’t want to feel a little edgy? This lip color makes a bold statement and is perfect if you want to have a lazy face day with bare eyes and cheeks; just throw on one of these shades with some mascara and you’ll feel Pumpkin Spice latte good. Or this is great for a night out in place of the same ol’ smokey eye. Also, there are many drugstore options for this kind of lip, Maybelline has a whole collection dedicated to it called the Plums! Personally I love these lips matte, like Maybelline’s Divine Wine. Or the super daringly dark, Dark Side by MAC.

Photo taken by me Divine Wine- Maybelline, Dark Side- MAC, Mauve-ulous- Maybelline
Photo taken by me
Lipsticks- Divine Wine- Maybelline, Dark Side- MAC, Mauve-ulous- Maybelline

4. The Classic Red 

Photo taken by me Lips: Standout Revlon Matte Balm
Photo taken by me
Lips: Standout Revlon Matte Balm

Matte red lips have been a staple since your grandma’s day when screen sirens wore this color to the supermarket as well as red carpets. Finding the perfect matte red lip can be as hard as buying your first car: it’s a lot of trial and error. When you’re on a budget you have no time for trial and error, but lucky for you I’m the queen of buying stuff and testing it out. Red lipstick is the essence of glamour and instantly makes you feel like you can tackle mostly anything, but it also bleeds, tugs and makes your teeth look yellow; youtuber leighannsays explains here. So I’ve found 3 rock star, universal shades that will make you reach for one of these lipsticks all the time this fall, and that won’t get all over your face when you go on a date!

Photo taken by me Lipsticks: Siren in Scarlet Maybelline, Standout Revlon, Ruby Woo Mac
Photo taken by me
Lipsticks: Siren in Scarlet Maybelline, Standout Revlon, Ruby Woo Mac

Why Kylie Jenner is not the Best Thing to Happen to Lipstick

Kylie Jenner is known for her cutting edge lipstick choices. But like most trends, this one has worn me out, so I want to expand your lipstick language with 5 brands who put the cult in cultivate. Who would’ve ever thought black, blue or green lipstick would become a beauty sensation? Not many, but makeup lovers everywhere are embracing funky fresh hues and it looks like these pops of color are here to stay.

1. Lime Crime

Photo taken by: stopsign Flickr
Photo taken by: stopsign

Lime Crime broke down the idea that beauty was a nude lip and smoky eye and inspired the hugely popular unicorn trend, along with daring lip colors. Lime Crime’s creator, Doe Deere, pioneered the current lipstick trend with her My Little Pony colored hues; my favorites include Cosmopop, D’Lilac and Mint to Be. All while finding a solution to the tugging and dragging drama of matte lipsticks with her Gothic inspired Velvetines. Get your hands on them as soon as they’re in stock because sometimes finding your favorite hue is like catching a unicorn.

2.  Melt Cosmetics

Photo taken by: SynergyByDesign From Flickr
Photo taken by: SynergyByDesign
From Flickr

Nothing bad could come from makeup artist and co-creator of Melt Cosmetics, Lora Arellano. She basically created the bad in Rihanna’s good girl gone bad persona, and has now brought this bit of bad assery into all our lives. But you won’t find a Barbie or Nicki Minaj lipstick in this all matte line, instead you’ll feel like your lips are draped in jewels. Such as,  the gorgeous Blow, a rich emerald or the anarchist’s amethyst, By Starlight.  But my personal favorite is Space Cake, a just before the storm grey. If you want to see this lipstick in action for a trip to the nail salon, beauty guru Jaclyn Hill will convince you to wear this for errand runs, I promise.

3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar’s

Photo taken by: nicolette mason From: Flickr
Photo taken by: nicolette mason
From: Flickr

Like mixing potions, and not just on Pottermore? Than OCC’s Liptar’s are for you. These tiny tubes are magical, they come in matte, metallic and stained gloss finishes.(I mean how ground-breaking does stained gloss sound!?) But the real magic comes from the ability to mix these liptars for a custom shade. So even if you have been looking for that Kylie Jenner 90’s brown, you can perfect it with these. Or try out any color on the color wheel, like bold blues such as Pool Boy or a caution tape yellow like Traffic.

4.  NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lipsticks

Photo taken by:  Jamie From: Flickr
Photo taken by: Jamie
From: Flickr

Finally, a drugstore brand has come to play. NYX dove boldly into this trend when most drugstore brands only unleash this level of commercial questionability near Halloween, when it is obviously normal to wear these hues. But NYX became the Apple of drugstore lines with their Macaron lips, they are a major hit for every girl wanting to experiment. Well with a price point of $6, who wouldn’t be curious to see what their Lime Green or White lipstick looked like?

5.  Wet n Wild

Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me

Wet n Wild may not be the obvious choice, but I like to think they are the Pluto of the drugstore makeup galaxy. They may seem small, but the public goes wild when they make headlines. They did this when they collaborated with Fergie for a superstar lineup of lipsticks. Now I’m not going to excite you with Easter egg lavender or serpentine green, but Fergie’s Pagan Angel, a semi-matte black, is the perfect black to try out. At only $2.39, the quality is pretty darn good too. I think in the near future Wet n Wild may become a drugstore star because of their Fergie flair.

So I urge you, step away from the brown, over-lined Kylie lips (as much as I even love it sometimes) and into something a bit more daring this fall.

Welcome to The Beauty Capsule

Photo of me Photo taken by: Revtar Photography
Photo of me
Photo taken by: Revtar Photography

Hello fellow beauty and fashion feens, I’m Carly Pearlman, beauty and fashion hoarder, book lover (Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are my faves) and football fanatic. But my mission here  is to unearth and delve into the world of fashion and beauty in what I like to call The Beauty Capsule. I am a college senior, and as any college student or person on a budget knows sometimes obtaining the newest fashion and beauty trends can be more challenging than writing your senior thesis (well close to it at least). What I hope to capture in this capsule is great dupes for trends and classic staples, like that snazzy jacket you see in the picture above is H&M! Also if you’re dying for the newest makeup palette and can’t stomach the $50 price tag (such as any of the beautiful Naked palettes), I mean that’s a tank of gas for us commuters, but I’ll find something comparable that is great quality, and which you can get for much less. I’ll also cover some beauty and fashion taboos, like why the heck do girls cover their freckles? I mean I do, but it’s something I’m working on loving and I want to uncover the beauty in these dots we love to cover up. Come figure out this exhilarating world girls can’t stay away from, and step out of your reality for a few minutes or hours with The Beauty Capsule.