Welcome to The Beauty Capsule

Photo of me Photo taken by: Revtar Photography
Photo of me
Photo taken by: Revtar Photography

Hello fellow beauty and fashion feens, I’m Carly Pearlman, beauty and fashion hoarder, book lover (Game of Thrones and Harry Potter are my faves) and football fanatic. But my mission here  is to unearth and delve into the world of fashion and beauty in what I like to call The Beauty Capsule. I am a college senior, and as any college student or person on a budget knows sometimes obtaining the newest fashion and beauty trends can be more challenging than writing your senior thesis (well close to it at least). What I hope to capture in this capsule is great dupes for trends and classic staples, like that snazzy jacket you see in the picture above is H&M! Also if you’re dying for the newest makeup palette and can’t stomach the $50 price tag (such as any of the beautiful Naked palettes), I mean that’s a tank of gas for us commuters, but I’ll find something comparable that is great quality, and which you can get for much less. I’ll also cover some beauty and fashion taboos, like why the heck do girls cover their freckles? I mean I do, but it’s something I’m working on loving and I want to uncover the beauty in these dots we love to cover up. Come figure out this exhilarating world girls can’t stay away from, and step out of your reality for a few minutes or hours with The Beauty Capsule.

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