Holographic Holiday Look

Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me

It’s that time of year again, holiday, cookie eating time that is! Also the time for glitzy grand looks and  instead of a classic red lip and gold glittery eye I wanted to create a Winter Wonderland-esque look that is great for Christmas, Hanukkah (I mean blue and white eyeliner screams 8 crazy nights) or New Year’s. Really any rockin’ party can handle this fierce frozen look. I used a few products from one of my favorite lines, Lime Crime, who I think has some of the best creative hues for any season. So dare to be bold and dazzling this season, you’ll fit right in with the tinsel.

Photo taken by me
Photo taken by me

Products list:

Loreal True Match Lumi W 1-2

NYX HD Photo Concealer Porcelain

Tarte Whimsy Blush (Holiday 2014 Palette), similar L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Blush in Baby Blossom 

Becca Moonstone Highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette

Eyeshadows: Kat Von D Spellbinding Palette Holy Bible (LE), similar Loreal Infalliable Eye Shadow in Silver Sky and Lorac 2 Palette Chrome and Snow

Eyeliners: Lime Crime Lunar Sea and Blue Milk, similar NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Sky Blue, Lower lashline: NYX Milk liner

Glitter aka the Star of the Show: Lime Crime Ophiuchus glitter

Lime Crime Glitter Helper  (Do not skip glitter glue, or else you will look like a glitter fairy for the rest of the year)

Ardell Glamour Lashes

Lips: Lime Crime Cashmere Velvetine , similar MAC Stone lipliner

Shirt and ear cuff are Forever 21, watch Michael Kors. 

Getting Real: No Farewell Here

Photo of me  Taken By Brielle Stanks
Photo of me
Taken By Brielle Stanks

I’m taking a step back from the beauty and fashion banter (not for too long, as I know that’s what you’re all here for!) and going to get real for a moment. Although this blog was started for an Online Journalism class at my college, it has turned into much more. Beauty and fashion for me is an escape, as I’m sure it is for many of you. I am what my friends refer to as a stress monkey: I work, intern, commute and take full-time classes, and although it seems like I’m doing everything, sometimes it feels like it’s amounting to a whole lotta nothing but severe aggravation.

Writing used to be my out from my anxiety ridden daily routine, but I found myself losing time to write. This blog has forced my passion for writing back to the forefront, along with my equal love of beauty and fashion. I know many people view beauty and fashion as a materialistic, fame-hungry business (but really who doesn’t want to look like Amrezy!? by the way I don’t think she’s any of the above, only love for those girls), but seriously, beauty and fashion are an art and an escape. This hobby has connected me to people and taken me out of whatever hangry, pissed off at the world mood I’m in. I forget about the stress of work and school and just paint my face. I tell my friends that doing my makeup is relaxing, this is because it allows me to have fun and really pull the creativity out again. I’m hoping this blog does this for you, and with that I promise to keep bringing content and looks.

The future of this blog will have the standard fashion and beauty looks, more reviews and dupes and hopefully videoed makeup and fashion looks by me (but right now that lighting is damn expensive!). I also want to touch on escaping your reality through makeup and fashion while incorporating tips on how to deal with being an everyday college aged girl. So I hope you keep reading and we can write my story, and yours, together.

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Straight Street Stylin’

Photo of street style star, Chiara Ferragni. Taken by: Giorgio Montersino Used from Flickr Creative Commons
Photo of street style star, Chiara Ferragni.
Taken by: Giorgio Montersino
Used from Flickr Creative Commons     https://www.flickr.com/photos/novecentino/9906012935/in/photolist-g8SpR8-k567pF-g6mUwt-6p7sEG-k57UVq-k5YRhc-g5y9mM-dJiRW8-g5ykhL-jWeWbB-nqQSX4-duTHkm-9Hg46X/

Street Style on the Rise 

My closet, actually the two closets I have taken over, speak for my love of fashion. I admit I am an adult playing dress-up, and I’m glad the world is finally embracing grown-ups dressing how they want, when they want and owning it. I’m talking about Street Style. Not only is it now socially acceptable to wear all the bold patterns and colors you want, it’s expected in the fashion capitals of the world. Unfortunately, my South Jersey town has not yet embraced these looks but I’m still going to keep rocking them! Going against the trends has never been easier; any fashion lover can see daring looks with the power of Instagram, Youtube or Lookbook. Magical moments are not only happening inside those billowing runway tents at Fashion Week, the fashion action is outside! Look no further than street style mavens, Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, Leandra Medine and my personal favorite, Miranda Kerr.

The It Girl of Street Style

Italian blogger, Chiara Ferragni’s blog, The Blonde Salad, embodies the world of a street style star. She travels to magnificent countries, she’s photographed outside of restaurants, fashion events, pretty much everywhere you can think of and her 3.1 million followers on Instagram speaks for itself. Oh and she also created her own shoe line, which according to stylecaster.com is projected to make her $8 MILLION, yes that’s with an illion on the end, and it’s not even sold in the states yet! Beyoncé would be proud.

Street Style’s Official Rule Breaker 

On the other hand native New York City blogger, Leandra Medine’s blog, Man Repeller, is against everything that is in the How Girls Should Dress to Get A Man Handbook (do not search Amazon for this book, as I just made up that truly original title).  She literally repels what most women think fashion should be, I mean her one blog post is called, “Why I Wear Bad Pants?” what’s not to love!? I appreciate her so much for wearing what the hell she wants and not to impress that guy at the bar, at the stadium, or in class. Another high-five for this girl running the world, I feel like a Beyoncé GIF would really be appropriate here, but I’ll refrain.

A NY View of the Styling Streets 

But nothing is like experiencing street style first hand. Recent Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) graduate, Erica Eaton, 23, who lived in the up-and-coming street style beacon, Brooklyn, New York, for the duration of her time at school talks about the wonders of being able to walk to class and watch living art walk by. “I love that you can dress however you want and express yourself and your style without having to worry about criticism. In New York, you can comfortably be you.”

A Fashion Photographer’s Insight

Danny Lang, who majors in Packaging Design at F.I.T and also works as a fashion photographer for his own company, Danny Lang’s Photography, and models at ADAM Models, lives and breathes New York’s fashion culture. He talks about what he experiences as a photographer in the city, “As a photographer, street style can spark a storyline for a shoot or can just open your eyes to what is trending. One of my favorite things is to see how a model shows up to a shoot and what they are wearing. ” He also talks about what makes New York different from the other major fashion capitals, “NYC is such a melting pot. You see so many different cultures come alive and people either decide to blend in with current trends or break free and wear what makes them happy. ”

This Is Where The Streets Become Art

Click on the cities for links to famous street style blogs, enjoy!

Got my official list from the most official, Vogue. Found many of the blogs on Stylecaster, I can’t wait to dig in!

Get Ugly this Holiday Season

Today I’m mixing it up on the blog with my first holiday season post, it’s not a fashion or beauty shoot (those will be featured in the coming weeks), but instead a funky Piktochart on the even funkier topic, Ugly Holiday Sweaters! I’m not going to ramble too much, just look at the Piktochart below to find all the Ugly Sweater madness. Featured below the Piktochart are links to all websites mentioned on the chart and what my favorite sweaters are from each! Happy holidays and shopping!


Ugly Holiday Sweater


To view this on Piktochart here 

Lauren Conrad’s way of rocking a holiday sweater, which I think is the best way to go to a party this year.

My Favorite Sweaters 

Spencer Gift’s I’m the Bitch Who Stole Christmas Fleece Sweatshirt  $20.00

Macy’s Sweater Project Juniors’ Intarsia Christmas Sweater  $29.99

ASOS ASOS Christmas Jumper With Reindeer Face And Pom Pom $66.33

Target Santa Costume Pullover Sweater  $19.59 (I actually picked this up for myself!)

Tipsy Elves Women’s Hanukkah Sweater  $64.95 (for all my Hanukkah or Chrismukkah celebrating girls like myself!) and Women’s Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders  $69.95, truly the ugliest sweater I could find.

rue21 Penguin Party Vest Ugly Christmas Sweater $19.99, comes in plus size as well, Penguin Party Ugly Christmas Sweater $21.99