Blurred Beauty: Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lip Pencils

Maybelinne Color Blur Matte Lipsticks Maybelline Color Blur I'm Blushing

Hello beauty world, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. for a sec, but I’ve been looking for a new product to review and was finally inspired by the new Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lip Pencils. I picked up three shades, I’m Blushing which is the shade above and is a dusty light pink shade. Cherry Cherry Bang Bang which is a cherry red, obviously, with a pinky undertone, and Berry Misbehaved which is a bright berry color, not quite fuchsia, but a very punchy pink. I picked mine up at Target for $7.99 a piece. These lip pencils features a sponge side to blend from the middle of lips for a more flushed lip look seen here, in Allure Magazine. You can wear them as a full matte lip like I am above or wear it blurred out, I also think these are great to create a ombre lip. Sidenote: I also got a Keratin Express treatment, my hair is really wavy and awful with frizz in the summer, so I’ll let you know if it’s worth it!


Maybellien Colorblur

I wore each of these lipsticks on separate occasions and wore Berry Misbehaved and I’m Blushing ombred together. I also smudged my lips out with Berry Misbehaved and Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. The applicator for the product is super easy to use and define for a clean lip look. The pencil is creamy and easy to use to line and fill in lips with no significant bleeding. The spongy applicator is great for spreading product from the center out, its soft enough not to chafe lips, yet hard enough it doesn’t smear product.

  • I’m Blushing: This color is definitely the most everyday color I picked up, and I love it alone and as a ombre outer lip option. It pairs great with the other two colors I picked up. This pencil had the least staying power, but still held up for about 5 hours while I drank throughout that time. It faded significantly when I ate, but it’s a light shade so it didn’t leave any discoloration. I’ll definitely reach for it a lot because it’s so versatile. Score: 8.5/10
  • Berry Misbehaved: I love this color for every season and the small point of the pencil makes it easy to apply. I liked this color the best to “blur” out. It looked like that beautiful flush you’ve always wanted, kind of like when you eat a pink popsicle. It lasted really long even after eating about 8 hours. It can get messy like any lipstick if applied around your lipline, but that’s not really a deterrent for me! Score: 9.5/10
  • Cherry Cherry Bang Bang: This kind of color to me is the perfect summer red; it’s that gorgeous retro color. Once again it’s easy to apply, with or without liner, and this baby stays. This lasted on me 8 hours as well while eating, with very little fading. I do not like to blur this out though, it looks very messy if you’re not super precise, but as a matte lipstick it’s a great summer red. Score: 9.5/10

Overall I love these, as I love most of Maybelline’s matte lip products. I think they beat out even the high-end matte lipsticks. The closet product to these for me is Colour Pop’s Matte Lippie Stix, but they’re not as matte as these Maybelline lip pencils. As far as matte lip products go you can’t go wrong picking up a few of these, they’re more precise than Maybelline’s matte lipsticks as well.


Maybelliene Colour Blur Makeup Swatch

From top to bottom: Cherry Cherry Bang Band, Berry Misbehaved and I’m Blushing

Makeup Looks

Summer makeup using Maybelline Color Blur

Foundation: L’Oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Foundation in Classic Ivory

Concealer: Naked Skin Concealer in Light Neutral

Powder: Makeup Forever HD Translucent Powder

Brows: NYX Micro Brow Pencil  in Ash Brown, Brow Bar to Go darkest shade to fill in, NYX Brow Mascara in Brunette to set.

Eyeshadows: LORAC 2 Palette

  1. Crease: LT. Brown
  2. Lid: Rose
  3. Outer lid: Mocha
  4. Outer V and Lower lashline: Cocoa
  5. Inner Corner: Beige
  6. Browbone: Snow

Mascara: L’Oreal Miss Manga

Eyeliner: MAC Eye Kohl in Costa Riche 

Blush: Colourpop Cosmetics Bonus

Highlighter: Maybelline Master Class Hi-Light in Nude and Colourpop Highlighter in Teasecake

Cupid’s Bow: LORAC 2 Snow

Lips: Maybelline Colour Blur I’m Blushing

Extras: Shirt- Philosophy TJ Maxx

Bonus Look

Red lips and Express Heart and Arrow Dress

Used Cherry Cherry Bang Bang on the lips, dress is Express.

Goodnight loves!

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