Confessions of a freelancer: An Audio Interview with Maria Gatto


Photo of Maria Gatto, right doing a clients makeup for a wedding. Photo taken by the wedding photographer, Ms. Gatto do not recall his name.
Photo of Maria Gatto, right, doing a clients makeup for a wedding.
Photo taken by the wedding photographer, Ms. Gatto do not recall his name.

Hi all, once again I am digging deep to find out what the girls who love makeup have to say about beauty. This week I interviewed freelance makeup artist, Maria Gatto. Her Instagram makeup_bymaria,  shows the beautiful looks she’s created and below is an audio interview I did with her. Maria and I met at a Starbucks, in between her busy schedule this was the most convenient place to meet, so sorry for the Madonna music in the back (well of course unless you love to get down to some Holiday!) Maria discusses everything from the 3 items she recommends any makeup lover has, what her favorite kind of freelance work is and who’s her favorite makeup artist, click here or listen below to find out!

Makeup Artist Michelle Johnston Predicts Beauty Trends

Photo taken by: Michelle Johnston
Photo taken by: Michelle Johnston

Name: Michelle Johnston

Age: 22

Location: Long Island, New York

Makeup Certification: the nationally accredited institute, ICOES

Michelle Johnston did something that most of my college peers, including myself, aspire to do: follow our dreams. Michelle’s currently enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology for Hospitality Management, but she also is creating and cultivating looks for clients as a makeup artist! Michelle balances school and her makeup mastery, inspiring not just clients but all college-aged kids to turn their hobby into a reality. Michelle gives me the inside scoop on the latest trends and finds from the streets of New York, where beauty is a living dream.

Now for the insider insight…

Q.  Why did you choose to do makeup for a living?

A. I chose to pursue makeup because it has been my absolute favorite thing ever since I was very young. For as long as I can remember, makeup has always been my favorite hobby and is also something that makes me feel confident. I like to think of makeup as my creative outlet, it’s my favorite part of my day.

Q. Are you more inspired by runways or street style trends when creating looks?

A. I’m more inspired by street style trends when creating looks because I like to create makeup that is more wearable. While runway makeup is absolutely incredible, wearable makeup is my niche and what most people who wear makeup tend to gravitate to.

Q. For girls on a budget, what drugstore brand do you think is best?

A. I love Revlon and Covergirl. Revlon makes great foundations and my all-time favorite mascara is LashBlast by Covergirl. Both brands have great lipsticks, blushes and eyeshadows as well.

Q. What should every girl have as essentials?

A. Black mascara, some kohl pencil eyeliner, foundation and a good red lipstick!

Q.  What is the one beauty trend you wish would die out?

A. Bleached eyebrows. I’m in love with great eyebrows. I’m a huge fan of bold, properly filled in and kept eyebrows. They’re my favorite!  (P.S. Allure magazine agrees with Michelle!)

Q. Has breaking into the makeup industry changed your perspective on beauty?

A. It’s shown me that one person’s definition of beautiful is different from someone else’s. I think it’s amazing that one person can see one thing and the next can see something completely different. I guess that’s what makes the beauty industry so diverse and constantly evolving.

Q. What is your makeup/beauty staple?

A. Covergirl LashBlast black mascara, black liquid eyeliner and blush are my staples. I never leave the house without the three.

Q. Which makeup trend do you think will be huge for 2015?

A. Nude/almost nude/mauve lips seem to be very popular among the beauty community recently, and has become a favorite among myself as well. Less shimmer and more matte finishes are also trends I have noticed that I think will be huge in 2015!

Q. What do you love most about doing makeup?

A. I love being able to express myself and give others a confidence boost when doing makeup. It’s the best feeling.